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The biggest investor in our business is Mother Nature.  As ranchers, our inventory needs liberal access to fresh water, clean air and healthy soil for crop production and grazing. It simply makes sense to renew the resources that sustain our family and community – today and well into the future.When you work with a live inventory that keeps eating and growing everyday, challenges are a fact of life; they also present a heap of opportunity. Case in point, cattle produce manure; crop production results in organic waste.

Spring Creek partners with the Growing Power Group; an innovative organization that is committed to Growing Power, the green way. Our integrated BioRefinery; the first in Canada, employs a number of patented technologies to convert bio waste into high value products like:

  • Fuel Ethanol: a patented technology that processes high starch wheat into fuel ethanol. The residual material from this process (which is known as Distiller’s Grains) is also used as premium vegetable based cattle feed.
  • Green Power: a process by which manure is used to produce odorless, zero greenhouse gas energy in the form of bio gas, which is converted to green electricity and steam in our BioUtility facility. Over 2500 homes are powered with green energy from Spring Creek manure.
  • Bio fertilizer: an odorless, natural, effective fertilizer that sustains and nurtures premium soil quality.

Visit www.growingpower.com for more details on this exciting technology.

Our family and business has been recognized for environmental stewardship with:

Taking care of the environment – it’s simply the only thing to do.