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About Us

We are big on the business of integrity. We see it as the line between promise and performance, staying on the right side means doing what we say. We’re in business of working with premium ranchers to provide premium beef products to discerning consumers who value knowing they’re purchasing meat that:

    • Has been raised without antibiotics or added hormones
    • Has high marbling and grading scores
    • Has full traceability from birth to harvest
    • Has been produced using sustainable agriculture practices and compassionate animal care protocols

Spring Creek was started in 2003 by the Kotelko family at Highland Feeders as a means of adding value, not only to the cattle they were raising, but to the ranchers that they worked with. Full traceability, performance feedback and transparent communication were key building blocks for developing our value chain. Today, Spring Creek has grown significantly and is proud to work with ranchers all across Western Canada. Together we supply several national retailers and restaurant chains. Our ranchers are committed to raising cattle with:

    • Dedication to outstanding genetics
    • Diligent record keeping and enhanced food safety protocols
    • Exceptional and compassionate animal care and humane treatment

Our ranchers count on our commitment to provide:

    • Clear and accessible support on program requirements and required paperwork
    • Fair compensation and flexible pricing and delivery options
    • Feedback on animal health, feeding and carcass performance