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Ranching is hard work. At the end of the day, you want to be rewarded for your efforts. Spring Creek aims to do just that – bring value back to the rancher for all the hard work and dedication gone into raising those calves.

With continued consumer demand, we are actively looking for ranchers to be part of our Spring Creek value chain.  We are looking for ranchers that are raising their cattle from birth:

      • Without the use of additional hormones or sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics
      • With diligent record keeping, tracking any animals given antibiotics for therapeutic reasons
      • With a focus on minimizing stress and enhancing animal welfare
      • With a foundation of Angus genetics or characteristics

If you are a rancher in Western Canada, we would be happy to discuss our program requirements with you.

Ready to join our value chain?   Please fill out this Rancher Registration Form and return via fax or email (contact information below), or contact one of our agents.

Office:  780.436.0335
Cell:  780.668.8425 
Fax: 1.888.524.3022
Email:  vicky@springcreek.ca